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The group smashed the window of Hour House on Tuesday morning

Made in Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews had to hide in a jeweller’s shop vault as a moped-riding gang carried out a smash-and-grab.

The reality TV star said he was at the Hour House in Duke Street, Marylebone, when armed robbers struck at 10:30 BST.

He said they drove through a window before “battering the shop with big huge hammers”.

Matthews, who was unhurt, said the men did not take a watch he had gone to collect.

In a post on Instagram stories, he said: “I was there picking up this vintage piece that I’d been waiting for for ages and these guys drive a scooter through the glass and start battering the shop with big huge hammers.

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Instagram/Spencer Matthews

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The reality TV star recounted what happened on his Instagram stories

“We’re in the back of the shop looking at them, sprint downstairs, hide in the vault until all the noise passes,” he said.

“Come upstairs, the place is just battered and I mean gonzo all the watches have gone, everything.”

In the aftermath of the raid, Matthews said he and his friends were looking for his watch.

“Lo and behold, on the floor amongst all the rubble, the glass and stuff, was one watch in the entire shop and it’s mine,” he said.

“Now if that’s not luck I don’t know what is.”

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The raiders reportedly drove into a window on a scooter

Thames Valley fire service engineer Paul Starck said one of the men attacked his van window with a machete.

He was driving near to the shop when the group did a U-turn on the road close to him, prompting him to call the police.

“That’s what instigated them to have a go at me,” he said.

Mr Starck, 43, from Sandhurst, said one of the men banged a machete against the window on the driver’s side of the vehicle he was in, smashing the glass.

“I’ve never been so scared in my life. He had no care in the world, the chap.

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The windows were smashed with hammers

“He ran after a load of people that were standing here first of all, then he went for someone in a black car that was here.

“And then he obviously knew that I was on the phone to police and at that point I started to move off… and then he just went for me.”

Mr Starck added he was treated by paramedics after glass went into his eye.

Another witness, who did not wish to be named, said the raid lasted about three or four minutes and the police arrived about five minutes afterwards.

“They got away with something. They came out with a bag,” he said.

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Officers have been investigating the scene

Armed police attended the scene but no arrests were made, the Met Police said.

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